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Maintaining your garden furniture could not be simpler: here at Solid Teak Garden Furniture we recommend just leaving it outdoors, washing once a year with warm soapy water and a scrubbing brush. Also periodically tighten all screws and bolts when needed.

Fully Assembled

With Solid Teak Garden Furniture all of our furniture arrives fully assembled and ready to use - unlike self assembly kits with nuts, bolts and diagrams that tell you how easy it is to put together!

Welcome To Solid Teak Garden Furniture

Here at Solid Teak Garden Furniture we provide cusers from both the general public, as

well as the trade, with quality teak garden furniture made in England using grade A plantation

teak sourced directly from the Indonesian island of Java. We also provide cusers from the

general public as well as the trade with a beautiful range of plants and trees imported

from Belgium, Italy and Holland.


We also stock a large variety of Specimen trees and plants all year round ranging from

Olive Trees, Buxus Plants, Bonsai Cloud Trees, Ilex Bonsai Trees, Acers, Palms,

Evergreen Shrubs, Yew Trees and many more.....


All of our teak furniture is 100% Teak - Tectonat Grandis.


Tectonat Grandis is an extremely dense wood with a very high oil content. This high density

enables the wood to withstand all that the weather can throw at it, from sub zero temperatures

in winter through to heat waves and humidity during the summer periods.



Durability & value for money


Teak wood has stood the test through time as one of the best exterior woods for centuries, often used in the

construction of boat building, and now garden furniture. Left outdoors to weather naturally, teak will gradually turn

to an elegant silver shade.


Mortise and Tenon joinery is used where it is really needed. Many often claim that mortise and tenon joinery work, but do they have external splines, internal biscuits and huge butterfly joints at critical seams - especially under tables - or is it just glued?

100% Teak Furniture

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