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Teak Furniture care

All of our furniture at Solid Teak Garden Furniture is made from Teak which, being a Tropical Hardwood, will last for many years even when left outside in a range of varying weather conditions.


If left untreated, your furniture will gradually fade to a silver-grey colour. Being a natural product cracks may appear in this type of wood, however this is a perfectly normal characteristic of the teak and will not affect the structural integrity of your furniture.


If an unweathered appearance is required you should treat your furniture with a suitable good quality wood treatment such as Teak Oil. Please note; when using Teak Oil, never apply over accumulated dirt or grime as this will discolour your furniture and may turn it black.


Around once a year, or before using a wood treatment, your furniture should be cleaned. To remove everyday dirt and the silver-grey appearance, wash with warm soapy water and stiff scrubbing brush, or careful use of a jet wash. When dry; your furniture should also be lightly sanded. Always sand with the direction of the grain (not across it).


Always follow the manufacturers guidelines when using suitable wood treatments on your furniture.


Before re-applying any wood treatment ensure that the furniture is thoroughly clean and dry and sanded where necessary.

Note: we are unable to offer warranty on teak furniture products.


Always lift furniture and do not drag.

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